Maximise Profits

Accurate microcalculation of commissions based on itinerary and segments at agency and agent level.

Increased Productivity

The automation and accuracy through which contracts are interpreted help increase TMCs productivity.

One stop platform

Integrated with Sabre, Amadeus and Apollo/Galileo and NDC platform to maximize the profits and consistency.


To speed up the process for an agent, CMT APP executes the contract within agent’s GDS terminal.

Contract Management Tool - Power of Innovation

  • Easy and quick Contract Management Tool for instant contract creation.
  • Multiple Price Quote in a PNR can easily be processed.
  • Tactical and Regular contracts can be processed together to maximize the profits.
  • Multiple POS (point of sale) and agent level commission support.
  • GDS (Travelport, Amadeus, Sabre) and Direct airlines (NDC) are connected and can be processed together.
  • Advanced dashboard for reporting and alert notification.
  • CMT Library to maintain all the airline contracts for agents’ reference.
  • CMTQ to easily integrate with TMCs to process the PNRs from queues.
  • Advanced data configuration to manage multiple POS and TMCs branches.
  • Next generation rule engine to automate agency and client’s complex contracts.


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