At Farenexus Group, we redefine travel technology, offering a spectrum of solutions. From corporate and agency booking solutions to airline contract management, customer/vendor management, process automation, and cutting-edge analytics, we revolutionize the industry. With expertise in Technology, DevOps, and Salesforce Cloud Platform, we empower businesses to thrive in the digital era.

Our Approach: Crafting value driven solutions by harnessing the full spectrum of our company's strengths.

Product Suite

We strive to empower organizations with our innovative digital products.

Airline Contract
Management Tool

Automates the airline markup and contract management processes for your Travel Business.

Agency Travel Booking

Booking solution for agencies & TMCs, seamlessly integrated with NDC Airlines & GDS, streamlining travel management and efficiency.

Corporate Travel Booking

Seamless multi-channel rich content for Corporate travelers integrated with NDC and GDS content.

NDC Solution for Customer Onboarding and Automation

Transition from a slow, costly, manual process to an onboarding platform, swiftly empowering distribution partners without internal headcount.

Airline Agent and
Corporate Tool

Your agency partners NDC platform to fly with you. We're changing the way the world thinks about NDC

Ensure the longevity of your travel solution

Liberate yourself from the constraints of outdated travel technology.


Unlock global potential through our tailored technology solutions including technology consultancy, enterprise solutions, and progressive application development.

NDC Implementation

Elevate your booking experience with dynamic NDC Content & Ancillary Products pre-booking. Track rewards in real-time, and seamlessly integrate with corporate profiles for management.

Reporting & Analytics

Interpreting data is one of the key components for a successful business in world. Our reporting & analytics offers actionable data for informed strategies & optimized outcomes.

“At the core of everything that we do is a reflection of our values. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients to present them with innovative solutions while ensuring that we're accountable and transparent with our results”

Trusted by Market Leaders

Farenexus is solidifying its position as a leading Technology Partner in North America, dedicated to revolutionizing the travel industry through cutting-edge technology solutions featuring NDC and GDS capabilities. We take pride in empowering businesses with comprehensive corporate booking solutions, contract management, process automation, and data-driven insights in customer/vendor management.